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Alaska-Pivoine-29938A year ago, when I decided to design for children, Bergere de France were the immediate choice of wool suppliers as there was a huge variety of  soft wool, mostly machine washable. Recently we have been appointed Concept Partners of Bergere and are running our own designs alongside their excellent magazines.

NEW FOR 2016 All children’s mags half price and all loose leaf patterns FREE when you buy the yarn at the same time

These are the Bergere yarns specially suitable for children.


Big Wool

Our biggest is 50/50 wool/acrylic Alaska, a Chunky twist of thick singles which has a cable look. I’ve designed an oversize coat with handwarmer pockets for a child age 6 to 8. It keeps its shape on a hanger. I think the deep profile of the twist keeps the yarn from slipping. We’ll see when kids push their hands right down the deep pockets. Pattern available. Level: easy

50/50 wool/acrylic,   6mm needles,  55m per ball.  Machine wash 30%

Toison is a frothy, lightweight boucle yarn. We stock 2 shades: Princess, a girly pink/white and Blason, a silver/white mix; both combine well with Teddy (see below). 20% wool, 80% man-made, 6.5mm needles, 70m per ball.  Machine wash, wool cycle.

Teddy is a fluffy, cuddly yarn, good for toys and for edging garments (gives a sheepskin look to toddler jackets). 100% polyamide, 5mm needles, 80m per ball. Machine wash, wool cycle.

Medium weights

Sport is our best Aran weight yarn for children, good for texture without bulk. We stock most of the colours.  51% wool/ 49% acrylic, 4.5mm needles, 90m per ball. Machine wash, wool cycle.

Ideal is our best selling DK style, a light DK with enough wool content to provide warmth. We stock 25 colours.  40% wool, 30% acrylic, 30% polyamide.  4mm needles, 125m, Machine wash as wool

Barisienne is new to us, a soft but hardwearing 100% acrylic DK. Bright colours and good volume. We stock 17 colours of this very affordable yarn. 4mm needles, 140m. Machine wash as wool

Fine yarns

Caline is a 4 ply yarn with some bright and some subtle colours. 20% wool. It teams well with Ciboulette, a baby 4 ply, 25% wool all  in pale shades. Both are  machine wash and tumble dry.